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A collaborative project by tjans, woofy, ZachAlmighty, Archangel_Alan, TheRosterFarian, Aferrea, Wiggin -, Randallb21, kccitystar, Tootblan

Download 2018 Team Pack Download Roster tool (By AFerrea)

Los Angels Angels

Houston Astros

Toronto Blue Jays

Oakland Athletics

Atlanta Braves

Milwaukee Brewers

St. Louis Cardinals

Chicago Cubs

Arizona Diamondbacks

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Francisco Giants

Cleveland Indians

Seattle Mariners

Miami Marlins

New York Mets

Washington Nationals

Baltimore Orioles

San Diego Padres

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

Texas Rangers

Tampa Bay Rays

Boston Red Sox

Cincinnati Reds

Colorado Rockies

Kansas City Royals

Detroit Tigers

Minnesota Twins

Chicago White Sox

New York Yankees

Q: Can I see all the teams stats before I download your team pack?

A: Of course you can! view them here

Q: How do I install this wonderful teampack?

A: With Ferrea's PC Team Transfer Tool that you can find here

Q: Why isn’t player X on Y team ?

A: We know that everything isn’t going to be 100% accurate due to Trades/ DFA’s/ Free Agency/ and Call-ups/Send-downs taking place all the time.

Q: Why is my teams logo/uniform X or Y ?

A: There is a only so much we can do with the built in editor and there is also a layer limit that we have to work within. We all want them as accurate as possible, we did the best we could within the game limitations.

Q: Why are some of the away uniforms the teams alternative colored versions ?

A: While we understand this isn’t the normal away jerseys for many teams we enjoy incorporating more color to our uniform designs. This game is fun and colorful so we wanted to add our own color to the MLB teams.

Q: Why is player X only have Y for his Power stat, he totally is a prospect and will be hitting .400 by the end of his career ?

A: First of all please refer to the section regarding how we determined our stats for this project. We settled on stats for players that fit within existing SMB2 teams so that we could use our MLB teams to play against the already awesome teams the developers created. We also built our rosters on current playing players that were active on the team. We stayed away from projecting our opinions and assumptions on how we think a player will perform in the future. The rosters created are based on the rosters of today, we may provide an update at the end of the season to bring the rosters inline with how they may have changed. In addition, OOTP tends to underrate prospects until they prove that it is their actual skill level.

Q: Why is the VEL stat for X not his exact real life MPH ?

A: This ties into our design philosophy and making sure the the players fit in the SMB2 world. We scaled the VEL stat to reflect their real life MPH and also create diversity between pitchers. We did not want everyone with 95~ VEL. In addition, we wanted to be able to use the same formula for historical players, where PitchF/X data is not available, so compromises had to be made

Q: Can I change a players stats to whatever I want and make them look how I see fit ?

A: Of course you can! This game is all about creating and sharing and we want you change whatever you want to. We just ask a couple things. Please only make these changes for your personal use only. Please don’t re-release our work as your own.